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Friday 28 January 2011

Last Weekend of the January Sale - Know Your Aesthetica

If you read this blog, then your probably already know about Aesthetica Magazine, but just to recap Aesthetica is a British-based international arts and culture publication that was founded in 2002. Aesthetica engages with the arts both in the UK and internationally, combining dynamic content with compelling critical debate and pushing boundaries while exploring the best in contemporary arts and culture.

The January, we’ve been offering you the chance to take up a year’s subscription for £15.

This is the last weekend, where you will be able to save 50% off the annual subscription. With Aesthetica, you get more than just any old magazine – you receive the latest news, reviews, ideas and debate from the art world. Beautifully designed, the publication makes an excellent edition yo your collection. You’ll want to keep them or at least past them on to good friends and loved ones.

Keep up-to-date with the engaging editorial and fantastic content – here’s an example of what we’ve covered over the past 12 months:

Art & Design

  • Bani Abidi Identity Formation & Social History

  • British Fashion Photographers The New Generation

  • Jannica Honey Stylised Realism & Coaxing Emotion

  • Jerwood Contemporary Makers Inverting Preconceptions of Ideas & Craft

  • Jonathan Wateridge Reality, Fiction & Illusion

  • Manifestations of the Design Art Movement Art & Wallpaper

  • Marina Abramović Art Beyond the White Walls

  • Non-Conformist Soviet Art from the 1980s Glasnost

  • Peter Kardia Alternative Pedagogy

  • Photography & the Pervasive Influence CONTACT

  • Rafael Lozano-Hemmer Digital Art & the Platforms for Participation

  • Sculpture’s Narrative Altered by Photography Photography of Sculpture, 1839 to Today

  • Sean Raggett A New Identity: Decoding Portraiture

  • Stuart Brisley Politics & the Performance Artist

  • Stuart Semple Popular Culture & the Aesthetic Discourse

  • Voyeurism, Surveillance & the Camera tackles subjects both iconic and taboo


  • Artists' Films Take on Mainstream Cinema A Guerrilla Approach

  • Beautiful Kate A Forbidden Love Story in the Australian Outback

  • Dogtooth Subverted Dark Narratives

  • How to Animate: Part 1 Ideas & Inspiration

  • How to Animate: Part 2 Making & Shaping

  • Magical Realism on Screen Undertow

  • Secret Cinema Rewriting the Cinematic Rulebook

  • The New Frontier of Cinema & Digital Culture Abandon Normal Devices Festival

  • Winter in Wartime Martin Koolhoven's emotive film about deception

Literature & Theatre

So, now’s your chance to take advantage of this fantastic deal – if you subscribe before the end of the month, you’ll also receive the Aesthetica Shorts 2011 DVD FREE of charge – discover new and emerging filmmakers.

CLICK HERE to subscribe today for £15.

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