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Friday 5 December 2008

Aesthetica Annual

So, it's been a good first week of December. The new issue has been released and has been very well received by the international arts community with new partnerships already blossoming.

All in all, it's the big countdown until the holidays. We have so much work to do around here before we shut shop on Christmas Eve, but I am sure we'll get through it all.

Although the new issue has only been out for 5 days, I have started planning the new editorial for the February/March issue and I have some very exciting things in store. I'm going to keep it under my hat for a little while, but I'm sure that you'll love it.

Tonight is the Aesthetica Christmas Party, which I am hosting at my house. I will be leaving shortly to prepare all the lovely food and get those cocktails underway. I decorated my house last night, there is something about that, which puts me into the Christmas spirit.

So, once again, it's a Friday -- an end of the week blog, so I'll write again on Monday and give you all the details.

Oh, by the way. the Aesthetica Annual Publication will be out next week. It's a collection of new writing and artwork. It's a book with the winners and finalists from the Aesthetica Annual Creative Works Competition. It's beautiful!


Cherie x

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