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Tuesday 21 April 2009

Finalists of 2008’s Aesthetica Creative Works Competition are enjoying further successes…Neale Howells at the John Martin Gallery

Neale Howells’s work is now showing at the John Martin Gallery in London as part of Storylines. Please visit http://www.jmlondon.com/pages/thumbnails/22314.html for further details.

Neale is wonderfully open in his conceptions of art. He says: “'What do you want from a piece of artwork...?' Well I believe imagination is an important component... perhaps a word that is rarely used to describe contemporary art these days but I believe a fundamental term for our mathematical artistic equations... what's the difference between these paintings and our current, most popular media form of pop video... nothing.. both carry the universal idents that we come to enjoy but not understand except with these works you really have a lot more to enjoy...'How do you judge a good bit of art...?' Well for me it's how many time you come back to view it.... “

The work that I help to do have quite often been thought of as graffiti art... I have disagreed with this because graffiti, real graffiti doesn't carry any aesthetics, I believe just the ability to say something... you can not help but be impressed though with some street art... especially when after a while it has deteriorated and worked over by others.... a bit like that poster over a poster that is peeling... graffiti art then becomes what it is, itself.... being part of 'storylines' at the john martin gallery this April gives the opportunity to view new paintings that carry the same ideas of the outside world, inside... how do you judge a good piece of art...? well for me its how many times you come back to view it...


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