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Friday 10 July 2009

Argentina's Gustavo Ortiz at the Pure Evil Gallery, London

Contemporary visual art takes many forms - the aritsts' mission today in infused with defining that concept.

Gustavo Ortiz is one of Argentina's rising stars. His work is influenced by colonial art (See Fiona Foley - a perspective from Australia) as well as native indigenous artistic practices. Ortiz’s paintings are distinctly Latin American in their hybrid blend of both European and South American heritage. By using collage as his primary medium, Ortiz combines the whimsical elements of Naïve art with the unexpected juxtapositions of Surrealism – creating a wonderful atmosphere of surprise, charm and simplicity.

"Metamorphosis" is the artist’s fist solo-show outside Argentina. He explains the show as "a careful description of the world, when our human prototypes went through a complete change of physical form and substance..."

Viewers are taken on a journey through Ortiz’s universe populated by disproportionate human figures, animals, and objects, that tightly occupy reduced imaginary landscapes. While Ortiz’s paintings draw on the native myths and legends of Latin America, they also posses a decorative quality and tactile texture of the compositions that resonate with traces of indigenous art and craft.

“The strong use of colour and the patterns of clearly defined shapes afforded by the medium of collage give an air of childlike naivety and understated humour to my paintings which offer narratives of the wonder and enchantment of human experience.” states Gustavo Ortiz.

"Metamorphosis" runs until 2 August at the Pure Evil Gallery, 108 Leonard Street, London, EC2a 4XS

Image credit: Gustavo Ortiz

Tuesday 7 July 2009

Inkygoodness 3, Wonderland Exhibition showcases the work of new and emerging talent from the UK and beyond.

Inkygoodness is a Bristol-Birmingham based duo that organise exhibitions providing a unique platform for emerging talent to showcase their work alongside established artists.

Inviting you on a journey into Wonderland this September, into a bright bubblegum world of quirky characters, eclectic landscapes and curious narratives, they will showcase the creations of 30 international illustrators, artists and image-makers, this new group show will display a diverse selection of artworks including wall murals, drawings, installations and framed prints by some of the hottest emerging talents working in the industry today.

Aesthetica will be partnering again with Illustrative Berlin. Click here to read an article about “Defining the Art of Illustration”. Illustration has, indeed, become an art form in its own right.

Inspired by the theme of Wonderland, artists’ work will bring a visual retreat of fun, and frivolity to Birmingham’s creative quarter. The Vaad Gallery at the Custard Factory will play host to the Wonderland creation providing a platform for new and emerging talent to exhibit together with established artists and illustrators.

In 2008, Inkygoodness hosted their first art exhibition at a small gallery on Gloucester Road in Bristol. This venture inspired a successful group show later the same year: Inkygoodness 2 - Hopes & Fears, showcasing the work of 16 illustrators, artists and designers based in and around the South West.

Inkygoodness are steadily gaining recognition and plan to continue organising exhibitions and events throughout the U.K, to fulfil their ambition to offer a unique opportunity for professional development through self-promotion, collaboration and networking. Their collaborators include illustrators and designers such as Andy Council, Dave Bain, Vicky Newman (House of Aces), Mike O’Shea, Themlot Collective, Monsters monsters and DocVek.

Inkygoodness can confirm involvement from the following artists in the Wonderland show:

Tixe Art (UK) Dave Bain (Bristol) Louise Boutler (UK) Gemma Correll (UK) Simon Corry (Falmouth) Pascal Cuttoli (France) Camelia Dorbin (Falmouth) Chris Dorning (Preston) Jennifer Dubet (London) Adi Gilbert (Bristol) Adam Hancher (UK) Lisa Hassell (Bristol) Kate Hindley (Birmingham) I heart Joan (Birmingham) Yee Ting Kuit (Birmingham) Simon David Mills (Bristol) Felt Mistress & Jonathan Edwards (UK) George Mitchell (UK) Vicky Newman (UK) Sarah Ray (Birmingham) Karoline Rerrie (UK) Juan Salas (Argentina) Mike O' Shea (Bristol) David Shillinglaw (London) Steven Silverwood (UK) Diggy Smerdon (Falmouth) Amy Timms (Bristol) Michelle Turton (Birmingham) Simon Wild (Suffolk) Mark Wilkinson (UK) DocVek (London)

It’s very exciting to see so many artists collaborating together. Click here to read another blog on artists run spaces and projects.

Exhibition details
Inkygoodness 3: Wonderland
September 12th – September 27th 2009
Launch: Friday 11th September, 6.30pm – 9.30pm,
Vaad Gallery, Custard Factory, Gibb Street, Birmingham, B9 4AA

Monday 6 July 2009

Woodstock creator to open The Big Chill Festival 2009

Legendary festival creator, Michael Lang will cut the tape on this year’s action at The Big Chill festival and face questions from chillers at Word in Motion stage.

40 years ago Woodstock first conjured people’s emotions and truly captured the essence of the festival spirit. This year The Big Chill Festival is honoured that the creator of Woodstock, Michael Lang, is coming to the festival as The Big Chill celebrates Woodstock’s 40th birthday this August.

It’s crazy because my dad went to Woodstock; it’s really something that’s been a part of my family. I suppose a legacy, which has been left. My mom say would always say, "I remember hearing The New York State Freeway is closed man”. The essence of the 1960s stuck with me, while I was a teenager, it was something about the 1990s that seemed to reflect the spirit of the 60s. I suppose it’s kind of like now where the 1980s are returning through music, fashion and trends. I was just a young kid in the 1980s, so really I don’t have any nostalgia for it. Am I the only one?

Woodstock is widely regarded as one of the most significant moments in popular music history and was listed one of the “50 moments that changed the history of rock and roll” by Rolling Stone magazine. The brainchild of Michael Lang and Artie Kornfield, with the help of financiers John Roberts and Joel Rosenman, the Woodstock idea was born. It was Lang, who’s laid back approach so typical of the 60s movement, wanted to build it as a way to get people together.

Forty years on, Woodstock is a festival that will never be forgotten. It was 15th
August 1969, when Richie Havens ( I have his autograph from chasing him down at in gig in 1995!) opened up the first ever Woodstock to 500,000 people. Michael will be appearing at the Words In Motion tent on the opening evening, so that Big Chill revellers will be able to meet the man himself in a special Q&A session. There will also be a chance for chillers to watch a 40th anniversary screening of the film, Woodstock: 3 Days of Peace & Music.

Speaking about Woodstock 1969, Michael Lang had this to say: “Eight months before the event, I had a dream. I was on a stage looking out at a sea of people, and I knew that was coming. I didn't have the specifics of it, but I had the end results. I just followed that.”

Big Chill co-founder Katrina Larkin said on the partnership: “Woodstock is seen as the perfect celebration of the 60's peace and love movement. An ideal which the founders of The Big Chill hold dear and which has helped define the ethos of The Big Chill these past 15 years. It is yet to be seen if the skinny dipping that was so prevalent in the Filippini Pond in ‘69 will happen in the Eastnor pond this year. If it does then it is likely that Michael Lang will be the one leading the charge!”

Festival Details

The Big Chill: 6th - 9th August 2009
Eastnor Castle Deer Park, Eastnor, Ledbury, Herefordshire, HR8
Tickets Available From:
Online: Ticketline and National Express
By phone: Ticketline - 0844 888 4411
In person: The Big Chill House & Big Chill Bar

The line-up so far…many of these artists have been featured in Aesthetica Magazine

Aldo Vanucci
Alex Horne
Alice Russell’s ‘Pot of Gold’
Alphabeat (DJ Set)
Amadou & Mariam
Andrew Bird
Annie Nightingale
Apples and Snakes
Art Car Boot Fete at The Big Chill
Barry Castagnola
Basement Jaxx
Bass Clef (Live)
Ben Norris
Benny Page
Boy Crisis
Brian Appleton (AKA Graham Fellows)
Brian Patten
Bristol Hi-Fi, feat. Daddy G, Mr Benn, Queen
Bee & MC Souls Liberation
British Sea Power rescore Winged Migration
and Man of Aran
Chinese Man
Chris Cunningham Live
Chrome Hoof
Congo Natty
Craig Campbell
Dan Black
David Byrne
DJ Derek
DJ Sandrinho
DJ Toddla T & MC Serocee
Don Letts Vs Jet Letts
Dub Syndicate
Dylan Moran
Edward II
Emilíana Torrini
Emmy The Great
Erik Truffaz and Sly Johnson
Favela Chic
Floating Points
Friendly Fires
Futureboogie DJs
Greg Wilson
Henry Krokatsis ‘Helter-Skelter-Lighthouse’
Horse Meat Disco
Hot Breath Karaoke
Hynotic Brass Ensemble
Ian Stone
In Flagranti
James Yuill
Jazzsteppa (Live)
Jeremy O’Donnell
Joana & The Wolf
John Hegley
Jonny Woo’s Variety Show
Josie Long
J-Star & MC Honey Brown
Kathryn Williams
Kim Hiorthøy
Lemn Sissay
Lindstrøm (Live)
Ludovico Einaudi presents The White Tree
Marina & The Diamonds
Markus Birdman
Max Romeo
Metro Area
Mitch Benn
Modeste Hugues
Moody Boyz
Mr Benn
Mr Scruff’s Tea Party
Mulatu & The Heliocentrics
Mungo’s Hifi
Music From The Penguin Cafe
Noah and the Whale
Noel Fielding
NoFit State Circus & Caberet
Norman Jay
Open Dex 2009
Oren Marshall
Parker AKA P ZillaPerverse Universe
Pete Lawrence
Pharoah Sanders
Pierre Hollins
Queen Bee
Red Rack’em
Richie Phoe
Rob Deering
Robin Ince
Russell Howard
Scamps Theatre’s Pinocchio
Sean Hughes
Ska Cubano
Smooth & Turrell
Stephen Frost
Stephen Grant
Summer of Dub
Terry Saunders
The Dennis Bovell Dub Band
The Ex, Getatchew Mekuria and guests
The Gist
The Heatwave
The Invisible
The Juan Maclean
The Leisure Society
The Nextmen feat. MC Wrec
The Roundhouse Big Round Tent
Tim Goldsworthy
Tim Minchin
Tim Sweeney
To Rococo Rot
Tom Middleton’s One More Tune
Tomb Crew
Tongue Fu
Underbelly present
Ursula Rucker
Wildbirds & Peacedrum

AWESOME! See you there!

Image credits: Woodstock ’69 ©Henry Diltz
2md image © Big Chill Festival

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