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Friday 12 September 2008

NewcastleGateshead Art Fair 2008

I just wanted to give you all the heads up on something very exciting in the North East from tomorrow 12 September!

NewcastleGateshead Art Fair, which runs from September 12 to 14 at The Sage Gateshead, is due to see over 7,000 people through the doors. Visitors will have the chance to view interesting works from a London red bus displaying art in the Baltic Square, to a model of what the Hotel Monument project could have looked like.

The event is a major coup for the area and is set to attract art exhibitors, collectors and buyers from the UK and the rest of the world. It will be a showcase for the very best in British and International art, and is a unique opportunity to see new artists, new collections and maybe even make your first art investment.

Vincent Woods, co-director of the Fair said: “Putting the fair together has been a lot of hard work and I am now looking forward to when it all begins. Despite the credit crunch, the art market is growing and art fairs such as this help to complement the U.S. and European art fairs like Art Basel, Frieze, Art Basel Miami and the Armory Art Show.”

Opening times for the fair are:
Friday, September 12: 11am-6pm
Saturday, September 13: 11am-5pm
Sunday, September 14: 11am-5pm

Tickets are on sale via the website or at the Sage Gateshead
www. thesagegateshead.org in the near future.

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Pete Hindle said...

Now wait. I'm a fan of what you do, but you shouldn't get confused with Art Fairs and Art. The two are separate.

Art is fun for all concerned, like an ice cream on a hot day. An art fair is like the ultimate product of that ice cream; a visit to the dentist, or maybe a heart attack. For one thing, the art fair you're talking about costs six pounds to go to. Is that fair, considering the larger art gallery next door is free?

Secondly, who is in the art fair? Well, yes, there are some local artists, but are they people who are looking to expand the view of the public? There is a big difference between art that is a picture of a boat on the sea and art that means something. Of course, art doesn't have to mean anything, but in case aesthetics becomes meaningless.

You'll have to excuse me if I get fair and fare confused in this statement. I know a lot of people showing in this round of capitalism-meets-art, and I can't reconcile my knowledge of the English language as to who shows work at this exhibition.

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