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Wednesday 11 April 2012

A Season of Artists' Film and Video | Ben Rivers: Ode to the Flâneur | S1 Artspace | Sheffield

We've been keeping a close eye on S1 SALON: a series of artists' film and video screenings that take place at S1 Artspace in Sheffield. Now in its sixth cycle, S1 SALON 2012 presents three new screenings of work by national and international artists selected by artist Linder Sterling, Head of Sculpture Studies at The Henry Moore Institute, Lisa Le Feuvre and artist Ben Rivers.

S1 SALON was established in 2003 to further S1 Artspace's commitment to new artists and contemporary film and video. As well as providing a platform for artist to present and showcase their work alongside their peers, S1 SALON seeks to establish an international dialogue between artists at all levels. Screening new work alongside archive film, S1 SALON integrates new artists work within the broader history of film and video.

The final installment of the programme takes place tomorrow with Ben Rivers' selection, entitled Ode to the Flâneur. Split into two parts; part one presenting work selected from the open call such as Lindsay Foster's Downward Ascension (Ode to the Flâneur) from 2010 and part two, an additional selection of works from each of this year's guest selectors including George Kuchar's Weather Diary #3 (1988). We're going to see it for ourselves but if you can't make it to Sheffield we have previewed Foster's film above, alongside Sara Bjarland's Takeoff from Linder Sterling's selection and Jenn Berger's The Orange Bathing Suit, selected by Lisa Le Feuvre. 

Ben Rivers' Ode to the Flâneur, 12/04/2012, S1 Artspace, 120 Trafalgar Street, Sheffield, S1 4JT @ 6:30pm. www.s1artspace.org 

We will be screening some of Ben Rivers' work and hosting a Q&A with the artist and LUX as part of ASFF 2012 taking place from 8 - 11 November. Keep an eye on www.asff.co.uk where the full programme will be announced over the coming weeks. 

1. Sara Bjarland Takeoff (2010)
2. Jenn Berger The Orange Bathing Suit (2009)
3. Linsday Foster Downward Ascension (Ode to the Flâneur) (2010)

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