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Monday 25 July 2011

Scratch-and-Sniff: Celebrating the 2011 Vice Photo Issue

This July, VICE has surpassed itself. As the self-proclaimed coolest magazine in the world, Volume 18 Number 7 is a visually stunning compendium of photography by Terry Richardson, Richard Kern, Mick Rock, Martin Parr, Peter Sutherland, Jim Mangan, Jennifer Osborne, Danielle Levitt and many more.

Personally, I enjoyed the scratch-and-sniff cover, which, in a world where the intangible reigns supreme, provides a welcome sensory experience. This continues beyond the cover, where each of the 39 photographers in the magazine has contributed a photo essay of some sort, with each section featuring a narrative or aesthetic experience.

This issue of VICE certainly encourages conversation, but the visuals are where the real meat lies. Pick one up and treasure it.


Courtesy the artists

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Ashlee said...

celebration indeed. the photos are beautiful.

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