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Thursday 26 May 2011

Preview: All the Fits: The Aesthetics of Journalism, QUAD, Derby

Alejandro Vidal Somewhere In A Great Country - The Aesthetics of Journalism QUAD Derby

Examining the intersection between aesthetics and journalism goes back to Dostovesky and his writings on the theoretical link between a commitment to the aesthetic ideal (with beauty at its core) on the one hand, and journalism on the other. The relationship between genuine art and good journalism can intermingle and prove mutually sustaining and a new exhibition at QUAD, Derby explores these apparently opposite realms. Opening this weekend (Saturday 28 May) and running until Sunday 31 July, All that Fits: The Aesthetics of Journalism presents the provocative idea that art and journalism are two sides of a unique activity – the production and distribution of images and information.

Curated by Alfredo Cramerotti and Simon Sheikh, with extra gallery spaces by Lauren Mele, the exhibition brings to the surface how images and information are communicated, and the aesthetic principles used in the act of transmission. Whereas journalism provides a view on the world, as it ‘really’ is; art often presents a view on the view, truth posited as acts of reflection. All that Fits: The Aesthetics of Journalism will examine both as systems of information that define truth in terms of the visible but also what can be imagined. The exhibition will be presented in three chapters: The Speaker, The Image and The Militant. These three separate displays of artwork respond to the overall theme and each include new artworks. The Speaker runs from 28 May - 19 June, The Image runs from 22 June - 10 July and The Militant runs from 13 - 31 July.

Artists include, among others: Eric Baudelaire (France), Renzo Martens (Holland), Hito Steyerl (Germany) and Walid Raad/The Atlas Group, (USA/Lebanon). In conjunction with the main exhibition, NEWS! New Event World Spectacular will be on display in the QUAD Corridors and Digital Screens. Lauren Mele and Hannah Conroy have been commissioned to investigate the ties between contemporary art and journalism and its increasingly progressive relationship. NEWS! New Event World Spectacular attempts to portray a comprehensive array of interpretations of the aesthetics of journalism; and to serve as a platform for further thought and discussion beyond the gallery walls.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a programme of events, including a Q&A with newsroom editors, photo-reporters and journalists and a discussion with Dr. Anthony Downey, Programme Director at Sotheby's Institute London. For further information and tickets visit www.derbyquad.co.uk

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Alejandro Vidal, Somewhere In A Great Country
Courtesy of the artist and Galería Joan Prats, Barcelona

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