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Friday 23 July 2010

Wallpaper's August Issue: Handmade

Here at the Aesthetica office, our passion is magazines, and other than our own (obviously), some our favourites include Dazed & Confused, Creative Review and Wallpaper. This August, Wallpaper has produced an ambitious issue centred around a project that aims to harness the DIY spirit, and apply it to each aspect of the magazine. The Handmade Issue takes design and originality to an interesting new level.

Picking up the magazine, at first glance it’s easy to think – this issue doesn’t look ‘handmade’, particularly with Wallpaper's gloss and ads from companies like Patek Philippe, but as you delve into the concept of the project, it becomes apparent that each of the objects featured have been commissioned or designed by Wallpaper themselves. From food to furniture, jewellery to football strips, the team has taken on the role of “client, patron and creative director.” The magazine is putting its money where its mouth is by taking over ownership of the featured objects in the issue – it also makes for weird and wonderful ideas as the team let their imaginations run riot with twin bathtubs and new lawn games. The Handmade gets a tactile feel with seven different paper stocks making up the issue, and a bound-in sketchbook illustrates fundamental drawings in the design process. Perhaps one of the biggest tasks for this special issue was giving each reader a chance to design a front cover, which then graced their copy, making 21,000 differently designed front covers for the August issue.

There is definitely a buzz around ‘making’ at the moment, and in our June/July issue we explore the concept and ask what makes art and craft two separate entities? Focusing on Jerwood Contemporary Makers we explore the act of creating something wearable, functional and beautiful. This DIY ethic frees us from the limits of designers’ imaginations and allows us to produce what exactly works for us on every level. As a backlash to the disposable age, this process of making ultimately gives products worth, meaning and investment, making us more aware of what we need and, more importantly, what we’re thoughtlessly discarding. Since the recession we’re definitely thinking more about putting time and effort, rather than money, into things we want (think bookshelves from wooden pallets).

At Aesthetica, we belive in DIY too, and a few issues back published a 2 part Series on DIY Filmmaking.

Click here for Part One
Click here for Part Two

We want to encourage you to get out there and create their own films. Today we have the technology at the tools available, it’s time to start interacting and who knows try something new. We had a fantastic response to our Short Film Competition, showing that an inspiring number of great filmmakers are doing just that.

If film isn’t your thing, get creative with short stories, poetry, photography, painting or any other making process and enter the Creative Works Competition – we’re all about sourcing new talent and after seeing Wallpaper’s venture into new ideas and design, we’re freshly inspired!

Wallpaper’s Handmade issue is out now from all good news agents or visit their website www.wallpaper.com

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