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Wednesday 19 August 2009

Fantastic Free Theatre at the Fringe

I’ll be heading north of the border this weekend and am excited at the prospect of some Fringe fun in Edinburgh, including a trio of plays involving one of Aesthetica’s very own campus ambassadors!

As part of the Goldsmiths Drama Society, Alice Price-Styles will bring some fantastic free theatre to Edinburgh’s crowds with A Year’s Hard Labour, Black Swans and The Cubicle.

Of the three The Cubicle intrigues me most, harking back to the uni days of hilarious inter-exam banter through the medium of toilet doors and walls as generations of students passed through the Edward Boyle library loos, desperately searching for procrastination opportunities and sharing favourite jokes, revision tips, and musings on the meaning of life in the process.

Members of the Drama Society say: “The cubicle is a bizarre nonsensical piece devised from graffiti written on the back of toilet doors by eight members of the drama society. The eight members come from very different theatrical backgrounds and specialisms. This diversity amongst them is what creates the piece. We see obscure characters thrown together in a situation no one wants to be in... A queue for the toilet. Everyone has their different reasons for wanting to get to the loo and their different ways of getting in. But who is it in the cubicle and what are they doing?”

As part of the trio, the Drama Society will also be performing Black Swans, examines a dark, post-recession Britain, while A Year’s Hard Labour, pivots around a complex immigration trial.

Performing from 20-30 Aug, in The Ballroom at the Counting House, for full ticket details, please visit The Edinburgh Fringe Website.

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