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Friday 3 July 2009

Even more exciting news from Aesthetica finalists

I’m so pleased to say that Paul Harris, yet another of our Aesthetica finalists, is opening his first solo exhibition at Barista’s Café, Sandyford, Ireland on 22 July. The exhibition, CubaOne photographs, is the culmination of Paul’s visit to Cuba during the last weeks of Castro’s presidency. The images are evocative of Cuba’s past as a great revolutionary nation, and stunningly capture the laid back nature of Cuba’s run-down streets, alongside epic countryside and intimate glimpses into the work and play of its inhabitants.

Paul’s photography is striking in its ability to entice the viewer without giving away too much, retaining a mysterious relevance to the viewer while remaining inherently place specific. In this manner the works fit into National Geographic’s tradition so it comes as no surprise to learn that Paul was shortlisted for the top 30 audience award in the prestigious National Geographic International Photographic Competition.

We’re so excited to have discovered Paul’s fantastic work, and wish him the best of success for the exhibition. CubaOne Photographs will run from 22 July, full details can be found on Paul’s website at www.paulharris.ie

Have a great weekend!


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